Thursday, January 29, 2015

Funny things (vehicles)

There is only one thing that is certain in life... That life is uncertain.

People found fuel cars and forgot water car. Today they search for fuel options again

Today people don't care for horses but wouldn't it be cheaper to breed horses than maintain vehicles!!

Let's forget horses. As people found our about MOTOR bike .. They stopped developing original bikes i.e. cycles. OK cycles look cheap. Give it bike type styling and 2 sets of paddle.

It is so hard to maintain electronic cars but why don't we think about cars where driver paddled directly and all other passengers in the car are supposed to paddle to charge the electronic battery which in return will make the car run as a electronic car.

Have you seen humans with round feet like  tyres? Why don't we build cars with tyres like our feet.

I see us going back to old ways some day.

Funny thing is today we call them out dated!!