Sunday, February 8, 2015


We keep hearing about Eco friendly vehicles. And I keep wondering why not go back to horses. But then horses also have limited lives
So I got an idea that I think is above all
How about a bicycle. Hahaha. I know you are thinking you know what is coming next
Please don't judge a book by its cover.
Now first I want to build a bicycle where we have 2 paddles. 1st is the driver sitting ahead directly paddling the rear tyres.
Second and the more importantly the paddle that actually charges a battery and the power is used just like an electric bike.
Now I want to take this further to 4 seaters same concept 1 driver 3 charges.. Same for 6 seaters
Then even take it further to flexible options where you can link and unlink like compartments of a train. So every one going from virar to churchgate gets linked and unlinked on the way.
All I need is some one to find me and help me get the engineers for it

Next thing we know people will start giving lift as they want a second person to charge the battery.
Traffic will start coming down
Pollution will come down
With good charge we could still do decent speeds

Thanks for reading
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